Children's weeks

Week 28 to 30, we tailor three educational themes that combine experiences and knowledge. Become a seal specialist, aquarist or mini-biologist! Join us on exciting days with us.

In week 28 you can become a self-specialist with us. This program includes a lecture on seals and their life in the sea, an exclusive seal training underwater and a quiz with nice prizes for the winners.

The week after (29) is the aquarist week. Here you get a unique insight into the aquarium staff's working day here Polaria . If the weather is nice, we take the trip out to see if we have got any exciting animals in the pots on the pier outside.

Finally, we focus on biology in week 30. Becoming a mini-biologist gives the children knowledge about marine species such as sea urchins and starfish, and in addition we dissect a fish to learn more about anatomy.

Theme days are Monday to Friday from 13:30 to 14:30. The offer costs nothing extra for either adults or children, all you have to do is reserve a place and buy an entrance ticket at Polaria . There is only room for 30 people per day. Recommended age is 6-12 years.

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