Birthday party for kids

Greener Birthday party at Polaria

Can starfish see? How can you recognise a girl crab? How do snails eat?

Through an exciting program in our classrooms, children will be able to learn exciting and fun facts about animals that can all be found on the shoreline.

Want to learn cool facts about fish and sea creatures? See Starfish and crabs at close range? Do you think the Catfish is cool? Or do you dream of becoming a seal trainer?

Then you should celebrate your birthday at Polaria.

In addition, the Polaria A green profile and try to arrange birthdays with as few footprints as possible. This means that we emphasize reuse and have an environmental profile in the selection of the detection, birthday décor and serving. Almost everything we serve is short-travelled!

The birthday child gets a selteddy bear and one personal card from Polaria

Birthday Program


The birthday cupboard is greeted by the host upon arrival, ahead of the party. The host shows the way up in the café and then meets guests before Barnas Sjødyrlab. Birthday starts with dining in café after selected menu w/drink

The café is responsible for serving, the adults are responsible for the birthday party.


The children are picked up by a aquarium to participate in the Children's Sea Creature Lab, then their own seal for birthday parties and seal visits for birthday children, if ordered. The company looks at the seal from the audience area to the seal pool. The smallest children also look well through the glass railings.


A greener birthday is finished celebrated, thank you very much for your visit!

Practical info


We arrange birthday Saturdays at 13:00-15:00



Price per child KR 250,-. This includes ticket, fish burger or sausages and 0.5 l soda/juice, own seal training for the company and the children's Sea Animal lab.

Visits to the Seals for the Birthday child are appendix, NOK 300,-.


How many children can come?

Birthday on Polaria Suitable for 10-30 children aged 5-12 years. Min. 10 guests and maximum 2 birthday children.

It should be 1-2 adults (free admission). You will have an active role in the implementation of the company, both during the meal and when the children will Polaria .



On Polaria Should all be able to celebrate the birthday and we take into account allergies. It is important that we get to know what allergies we need to take into account and how many people are concerned when ordering.

We can offer gluten-free and dairy-free alternative. It is also possible to get pork sausages if booked in advance.



Our employees are concerned with OSH and have knowledge of fire, evacuation and first aid.


Can we bring our own cake?

You are welcome to bring your own cake, which is eaten in the café ifm. Meal.

It is not allowed to have included food, drink, Candy el.

If desired, birthday cakes can be ordered on Polaria . The cakes are provided by Pedersen Bakery. Price per cake varies by size. From 475,-.



Party sausage from Mydland with locally baked sausage bread.

Fish burger from Reinøya fish, served with salad and locally baked hamburger bread.

Soft drinks and alternative mineral water – juice/soda from Mack (healthier solutions)

Additional Menu

Hennig-Olsen is



Please contact us at For ordering

We do not organize birthday parties in the summer Season June 1st to August 20th.


Other information

Note: As we work with live animals, changes can come in the program.

Cancellation deadline: 48 hours