The vet

Healthy seals are happy seals

The health and well-being of the seals on Polaria is incredibly important to us.
We have trained the seals to be examined by the veterinarian voluntarily, including inspection of the mouth and teeth.

The coaches, who know the seals well and the aquarium's own vet cooperate closely on this. We also analyse their stool regularly for parasites. We can detect even the slightest changes in their behaviour and health as a result of our tight follow-up, so that we can react quickly and appropriately if something is wrong.

We collect national and international experts when extra knowledge and expertise are needed to make sure the animals get the best treatment.

We have had a dentist and an anesthetic specialist who has assisted us in the past. Selene has participated in non-invasive studies (e.g. Foster et al., 2017) that did not hurt or gave them discomfort.

It is difficult to research the wild seals, and our ability to research and learn from our seals is therefore invaluable.