An Arctic Experience Center for the Whole Family

Open daily from 10 to 16

Our highest priority is the safety of our guests, staff and animals. Our covid-19 measures involve: 

  • Keep at least 1 meter distance to other guests and staff. We have limited capacity at seal feedings. Otherwise, follow the instructions from our employees.
  • Wash your hands often! Antibac stations are set up in several places in the aquarium.
  • We have frequent cleaning and disinfection of all contact surfaces.
  • No handling of animals for the public.
  • We follow the current recommendations of Norwegian Institute of Public Health

If you have symptoms of respiratory infection, stay at home and visit another day.

Polaria is an Arctic experience centre for the whole family, and one of two places in Europe where you can see the bearded seal at close range. Look, feel, experience and understand why life in the sea and life on land depends entirely on each other. Polaria – Arctic knowledge experiences.

The vet

The health and well-being of the seals on Polaria Is incredibly important to us. We have trained the seals to be examined by the vet voluntarily, including the inspection of the mouth and teeth.

The Polaria Gift Shop

Don't forget to visit our amazing gift shop, filled with merchandise of good craftsmanship and high quality.