The aquarium

Polaria has one large and several small aquariums. In all aquariums, only northern species live - ie fish, shellfish and plants in the oceans around us. A visit to Polaria is therefore a unique opportunity to study life below sea level in the Arctic as close as possible.

Stare a wolffish directly in the eye or try to spot the halibut hiding among pebbles and kelp. But watch your fingers, at Polaria you will get so close to marine life that you just need to lean over the edge. The safest is therefore to sit behind one of the glass windows and watch the diversity of the ocean, in all its glory.

There are also several small aquariums with starfish, sea cucumbers, sea urchins and shellfish of all sizes and shapes. We even have one aquarium where young future scientists can touch and get to know the ocean's colorful fauna.