1. Introduction

This privacy statement applies to the processing of personal data by Stiftelsen Polaria when you visit us, use our services, visit our website or mobile apps or interact with us in another way.

It is important for us to use your personal data only in accordance with the relevant legislation concerning personal data and your expectations, and that we are clear about how we use your personal data.

This privacy statement will explain what personal data is collected, why it is collected, how this data is used, and the options and rights you have concerning the collection of your personal data.



2. What personal data we may collect

We may collect the following categories of data from you in connection with the various methods of interaction and/or the services we provide:

C1: Contact information , including name, address, telephone number, e-mail address and nationality.

C2: Transaction information , including credit / debit card number, payment method and purchase history.

C3: Booking information and activity information, including information related to booked visits and events.

C4: Information about communication between you and us, including e-mail communication, chat, comments and reviews obtained through surveys or which you have posted on our channels or on social media.

C5: Digital information obtained when you visit our websites, applications or other digital platforms - including IP address, browser data, traffic data, order history, social media behavior and user patterns. If you subscribe to our newsletters, we may collect information about which newsletters you open, your location when you open them and whether you use any online links in the newsletters.

C6: Recording from video surveillance . Polaria is video monitored for security reasons, data is not stored.



3. Where we collect your personal data

Most of the information we have about you, you have provided yourself. We can also get information from C1 , C2 , C3 , C4 and C5 from our partners, e.g. tour operators, hotels, activity providers, transport providers, partner companies, branches and agents if they have relevant information from you. C5 information is obtained from our websites, our applications and any other digital platforms.



4. Why we use your personal data

We process personal data for the following purposes:



Description: We use information from C1 , C2 , C3 , C4 and C5 to facilitate, process and confirm orders.

Dissemination: In order for us to facilitate your visit in a good way, we may have to pass on your information to partners.


Planning of your visit to Polaria

Description: We use information from C1 , C2 , C3 , C4 and C5 to facilitate your visit. This includes offering you the services and products you need or want.

Dissemination: We can pass on information about you to partners if this is necessary to fulfill the agreement with you.



Description: We use information from C1 , C3 and C4 to be able to offer you relevant information about your visit. We may send you this information electronically or in other ways.

Dissemination: We may pass on information from C1 , C3 and C4 to our partners, as they may need this information in connection with experience and catering.


Direct Marketing

Description: We use information from C1 , C3 , C4 and C5 to offer you newsletters and offers from us and our partners.

If you have an existing customer relationship with us, any use of such data to promote our services is based on the legitimate interest of providing you with relevant information and offers. You retain the right to object at any time to receiving such information and offers. If you do not have an existing customer relationship with us, we will only use the data about you to send you marketing if you have consented to this. We will only disclose your data to partners for marketing purposes if you have consented to this.



Description: We can use and compile information from C1 , C3 , C4 and C5 to be able to perform profiling. Profiling is the processing of personal data, where the personal data is used to evaluate, analyze and predict preferences, interests and behavior (profiling). We use this information to provide you with customized information about experiences and offers that may be of interest to you.

We undertake profiling to fulfil a legitimate interest, i.e. to adapt our services for your pleasure and benefit. You retain the right to object at any time to us using your personal data for profiling purposes.



We use video surveillance to prevent crime, ensure animal welfare and ensure your safety.


Statistics and analysis

We use pseudonymised data to generate statistics and analyses.



5. How long do we store your personal data

We will only store your personal data for as long as necessary to fulfill the purpose for which it is being processed.

C1 and C4 information is stored in connection with e.g. job applications after consent.

We will store C2 information when required by applicable law, e.g. the Accounting Act.

If you have consented to receive information and marketing materials, we will store information from C1 and C4 for as long as you wish to receive this.



6. How you can gain access to, rectification or erasure of personal data, and lodge a complaint

You can contact us at any time if you wish to gain access to or rectify your personal data. You may also request a copy of the data we have collected about you.

You may request that we erase the data we have collected from you. However, we are required to store the data required to comply with our agreement with you, as well as data that is necessary to comply with relevant legislation and regulations or statutory requirements.

If you believe that we have not used or processed your personal data in the correct manner, you have right to complain to the supervisory authority. The supervisory authority in Norway is the Norwegian Data Protection Authority. Before lodging such a complaint, we request that you contact us because we may be able to provide you with the answers you need and correct potential misunderstandings.



7. Use of Cookies

We use information capsules (cookies) on Polaria’s website to ensure that the website functions as intended, to analyse traffic to the website and to see which pages/areas of the website you have visited.



8. Revision

From time to time we may update this privacy information. Notice of these changes is published on www. polaria .no

The changes will enter into force after publication.



9. Contact Details

If you want to get in touch with us, you can send us an e-mail: booking @ polaria .no