Panoramic Cinema

Join us for an amazing journey through the Arctic in all its splendor through four seasons on an immersive 21-metre wide panorama canvas.

Here at Polaria you get to know the Arctic in a close and unique way. But life and natural phenomena offer so much more than what we have room for inside the building. Therefore, we have specially made three fantastic films from Northern Norway and Svalbard that suck you into the landscape, life and the northern lights - thanks to five projectors, and a 21 meter wide and 3 meter high screen. The films are shown several times every day and are included in your entrance ticket to Polaria .


Svalbard – Arctic Wilderness

In "Svalbard – Arctic Wilderness" We follow a Little Auk on an airy journey through the spectacular landscape of the west coast of Spitsbergen at Svalbard. We also dive below the sea surface on a journey through the whale's realm.

Behind the Scenes

"Behind the Scenes" takes you behind the scenes Polaria . Learn how we work with our animals, dive underwater with both catfish and seals, and experience our Arctic species up close. The film was funded by Innovation Norway, and is produced by Prosit Productions.

Northern Lights – A wonderous Experience

"Northern Lights – A Wonderous Experience" shows the wonderful Northern lights in and around Tromsø, and is filmed and produced by the award-winning photographer Ole C. Salomonsen. The film also shows unique Northern light footage from the outer space taken by NASA.