The changing Arctic

"The Arctic has always changed throughout the year. From light to dark and from open sea to thick ice. But now the Arctic is changing beyond recognition and will never be the same. No place is changing as quickly as the Arctic due to climate change."


In the Arctic, we see early on the effects of climate change on our planet. The audience is invited to make their own ice floes and to learn more about how our everyday choices are connected to what is happening in the Arctic.

We also have a great sound tunnel. The audience gets to experience what life under water sounds like, and how man-made sound disturbs the natural sounds of the sea.

sound tunnel-1

In Polaria 's "food web" we encounter a selection of Arctic animals. The exhibition offers both humor and specially designed games to engage the audience.

We also have a photo exhibition dedicated to the very smallest in our food web, namely the marine primary producers who create the basis for life in the sea.

Our exhibitions are developed in collaboration with researchers at the Fram Center and the University of Tromsø.

"The research room"

When the expansion of Polaria is complete, the final part of the exhibition will be in place - the Researchers' Room. This exhibition will focus on methods, technology and interdisciplinary collaboration. The public will be able to test different research methods, contribute to real research and get to know the researchers who work here in Tromsø.