Become a seal sponsor

As a sponsor for our seals, you make their everyday life more educational and fun.

Your contribution as a seal sponsor goes directly to toys and activities for your seal. The sponsorship money is used to buy toys and larger elements in the pool that all the seals think are fun, such as new tunnels, rocks on the bottom or artificial seaweed forests they can hide in. We have also bought an ice machine for the sponsorship money - the bearded seals love to eat ice!

We have three different sponsor levels. All levels include diplomas and electronic newsletters. Digital sponsor is a fully digital sponsorship which is perfect for those of you who are far away from Polaria , but wants to know how the seals are doing. As a silver sponsor, you get an entrance ticket to Polaria and a picture of the seal you are sponsoring, as well as a diploma and newsletter. Unique to our highest sponsor level - gold sponsor - is that it includes an exclusive tour of the back room and not least a meeting with the seal you are sponsoring, in addition to all the other goodies!

The sponsorship is valid for one year.

Who do you want to sponsor?



Bella is Polarias diva. She is a very smart and determined seal. Therefore, she likes to test limits during training sessions, especially with new employees. But when you first get to know Bella, you have made a wonderful friend.

Mai San

Mai San is a very calm and patient seal. That is why she is a favorite when we train new employees on how to take good care of the seals. It is impossible not to love Mai Sans clumsy and cute personality.


Lyra is careful and modest, but still very playful. She is a bit squeamish, and keeps a close eye on everything that happens around her. Lyra gets really happy when she succeeds with new exercises. She is often seen in the windows under water, where she watches what the audience is doing.


Loffen is the half-brother of Lyra, and they were born during the same month. He is a very smart and confident seal. He needs a lot of mental stimuli and loves solving new tasks. He often stays after training to play with the staff.