Terms and conditions of sale

If you need to contact us before, during or after your arrival date, we are available Monday - Sunday 10:00-16:00. We can be contacted by phone (+47) 777 50 100 or e-mail booking@polaria.no.

Order terms and conditions

Your booking is confirmed when you receive a confirmation with a reservation number. We recommend that all our guests print the confirmation and bring it with them to the venue. You must be at least 18 years old to make a booking through the Foundation Polaria.

Payment and security

Payment is made when the order is placed. Stiftelsen Polaria is responsible for the transaction itself and that the correct amount is deducted from your account. If the payment is not completed on your part, no order will be created. All personal information will be treated confidentially. Only the Foundation Polaria will have access to your name and contact information. This information will be used for booking management (change/cancellation of booking) and may be used in various market research.

Cancellation/change on your part

To cancel or change your booking, please contact the Foundation directly at Polaria. Cancellation is made by contacting booking@polaria.no. Stiftelsen Polaria has no control over the exchange rate that will be calculated for refunds to credit cards and cannot take responsibility for any loss of funds. Please note that Stiftelsen Polaria does not pay any costs for international bank transfer. The fee will be covered by the refund amount (approx. 50 NOK when using international bank transfer).

The following deadlines apply:
- Cancellation can be made up to 24 hours before arrival with a full refund
- Cancellation less than 24 hours before arrival/start time will not be refunded

A change on your part is considered a cancellation.

Insurance/cancellation protection

We recommend all our customers to make sure they have a good insurance policy before their trip, in case of illness, luggage, accidents, liability and the like.

Cancellations/significant changes

Cancellations/significant changes may occur in the event of:

  • Maintenance work
  • Development work
  • Closure of the attraction

If such cancellation/significant change occurs and you do not accept the alternative offer you receive, we will refund 100%. The Polaria Foundation has no control over the exchange rate that will be calculated for refunds to credit cards and cannot accept responsibility for any loss of funds. Please note that The Polaria Foundation does not pay any international bank transfer charges. Fees are covered by the refund amount. Stiftelsen Polaria is not responsible for any delays in the refund amount.


Please contact us by email if you wish to book for larger groups.

Price groups

  • Student price only applies with a valid student card.
  • Pensioner/Honorary discount applies to guests aged 67 or over with a valid honorary card. Necessary documentation must be presented upon arrival.


Please note that in the event of any complaints or other claims relating to the individual product, the Foundation Polaria must be contacted in good time. It is the responsibility of the Foundation Polaria to ensure that both safety and delivery of the product are in line with the description.

We welcome you to Polaria and hope you have an educational and unique Arctic experience!