Join us behind the scenes in our new film!

It is with great pride that we announce our new film, «Behind the Scenes».

For years we have wanted our own film about Polaria, and in 2021 this was made possible with funding from Innovasjon Norge! The film is made by Prosit Productions, and takes you behind the scenes at Polaria. Our skilled aquarium staff takes you to the back-room, and tells you about their day-to-day life. Learn how we work with our animals. Dive underwater with both catfish and seals. And experience the different Arctic species you find in our aquarium up close.

The film tells, among other things, about Polaria's purpose, how and why we train our seals, and what can be experienced here at Polaria .

From today, we will show the film in our panoramic theatre as part of our daily cinema program. The film lasts 11 minutes, and is shown in both Norwegian and English throughout the day.

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