Fritt Fram 2023

On Saturday September 30, we open the doors at Fram Center and Polaria for this year's Fritt Fram!

Fritt Fram! is perfect for families, and both adults and children can learn something new. Maybe you'll be inspired to pursue a research degree? Admission is free at Polaria all day, and you can also meet researchers and other staff at the Fram Center between 11:00 and 15:00.

There are lots of exciting things on the program this year!

10:00 Polaria opens its doors
10:30 Seal-feeding on Polaria
11:00 Fram Center opens its doors
11:00 "On the shore" - The staff at Polaria talk about life on the shore in our old classroom
12:30 Seal-feeding on Polaria
13:30 The shark is moved out for sampling
14:00 Kahoot in the old café Polaria
14:30 Fish feeding at Polaria



There are also lots of exciting things going on at both Polaria and the Fram Center:

- The Institute of Marine Research will bring a two-meter long shark of the porbeagle type to take samples from. First, you can see the porbeagle up close in the foyer at Polaria. At 13:30, the researchers will move the shark outside Polaria to open up its stomach and take various samples. Come along!

- How drones are used in research, we explain!

- How do animals sound underwater? What effects does man-made underwater noise in the ocean have on marine mammals. Listen to sounds and take the marine mammal sound quiz.

- Learn more about pink salmon and how we research them.

- The green Arctic, plants and vegetation in Svalbard before and now.

- The catfish is no sourpuss! The scientists take you to catfish country.

- Join a guided tour and learn about the first female scientist in Svalbard.

- Activities for children.

- Learn more about the animals that live on the shore.

- Seabed bingo!

- There are plenty of fish in the sea, but what's inside them? Learn more about the species and how we research it, and join us in cutting some open!


Baby seal Leo has does not yet have his own symbol on his bucket! Our seals can't read, but they recognize their own symbol, so they know who to train with during our feeding and training sessions. We are therefore inviting you to take part in a drawing competition where you can suggest what Leo's symbol should be! The drawing competition will take place upstairs in our old café.

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