The idea behind Smelt - Our new online store

Finally, our fantastic online store is open!

Smelt is a result of Polaria's desire to digitize our gift shop. The gift shop at Polaria is not like all other attractions, as we mainly sell short-haul and sustainable quality products from small and large suppliers in the Nordic region. It is important to us that the products we bring into the stores share our vision and values, and that we can deliver unique products to you through a sustainable value chain. Common to all our suppliers is therefore the desire to offer quality products, via a sustainable and ethical production.

The idea behind this product range comes from Polaria's strong environmental profile. Polaria was established with the aim of raising awareness of the global environmental and climate challenges we face in the Arctic. We want to promote that our actions have an impact on the climate and the environment, and that together we can make the right choices and ensure a better future. Therefore, we work continuously to choose environmentally friendly alternatives in all stages of the business, including in our physical store and online store.

Melt - an important message

The name Smelt will make us think about the important Arctic ice and how we ourselves can help preserve it. We all share a responsibility to take care of nature, both for ourselves and for the generations to come after us. This responsibility is something we take seriously. Our goal is to make it easier for you to make sustainable choices that are better for both you and the planet. When you shop with us, you can therefore feel confident that the products have been chosen with great care, and with regard to the environment and ethical guidelines.

Melt will also give us the good feeling of melting over sustainable goods, with a low climate footprint from manufacturers who try to take care of our planet.

Ecommerce's ecological footprint

For several years, both local and international guests have requested an online store where they could find our unique range of sustainable products. When Covid-19 turned society upside down, it was time to think new. With the help of Innovation Norway, we finally got the opportunity to invest in online shopping. 

Now you are probably wondering why we want to engage in online shopping when we are a company that focuses on climate and environmental impacts? This is a natural question, which we understand that people stumble upon. We live in a use-and-throw society driven by consumption. The pandemic changed the way people shop, and the growing trend was clearly online shopping. But it is no secret that online shopping also leaves an ecological footprint. We therefore work actively to minimize this footprint, and towards sustainable development. The UN defines this as "a development that meets the needs of today without destroying the opportunities for future generations to have their needs met in terms of economy, environment and social conditions." 

A sustainable choice

To the best of our ability, we also reflect Polaria's environmental profile in our product range. We go to great lengths to find quality products that are sustainable, short-distance and produced under good conditions. We believe that what is environmentally friendly does not have to be at the expense of what is beautiful. At Smelt you will therefore find many handicraft products made from natural materials such as wool, linen, organic cotton and wood. Products made from natural materials have a longer lifespan than synthetic ones, in addition to being degradable and recyclable. The result is a unique product that you will enjoy for many years. A better option for both you and our planet.

Vi er stolte av arbeidet vi gjør mot en bærekraftig utvikling, og håper at Smelt kan gjøre det enklere for deg å ta et bærekraftig valg <3

Read more about Smelt city Polaria here!

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